No changes to The Bytebaker feed

Dear readers, yesterday I noticed a sharp drop in the number of RSS feed subscribers. I apologize if all this jumping hosts has been confusing, but The Bytebaker feed remains the same. The feed is currently distributed via Feedburner and I will continue to use that as the main feed. I use Feedburner precisely so that nothing changes if I move across hosts. If you happened to switch to the default feed, I’d like to ask you to move back to the Feedburner one. Once again, I’m really sorry for the confusion. The RSS button on the right links to the Feedburner feed (I’m aware that the button is distorted in Google Chrome).

It’s possible that this is just a glitch in Feedburner’s tracking system (this wouldn’t be the first time), but I’d rather not take that chance with my readers. Thanks again for all your help and consideration.