Daily Digest 2021-05-18

I’ve been spending more time on Twitter and less time blogging over th elasy few days, and I’ve been wanting to fix that. While I would like to write more proper posts, I realized I could also pull what I post on shorter form platforms into “daily digests” to post here. While a decent part of my Twitter interaction is snarky retweeting, I’ll keep these posts to just what I post.

I’ve been going to the Boston Athenaeum for a few days each week. It’s a beautiful workspace and it’s a good way to get out of the house. They also have a couple of open balconies which offer great views of downtown Boston. And the iPhone 12’s ultrawide lens comes in handy for taking these sorts of shots. Being able to go out to libraries and cafes, is a big perk of things starting to go back to normal. A welcome side effect of things starting to go back to normal, and being in a place like the Athenaeum, is feeling like I have headspace again and re-realizing how much I love deep intellectual work.

I’ve started using Apple Notes to take short, mostly temporary notes and it seems to be work well for that. Thanks to iCloud, Nto I do have a number of gripes though. Apples Notes uses a yellow-ish accent color for the sidebar, which isn’t my favorite. The only way to change it on macOS is to change the system-wide accent color, which in turn makes other apps look less than ideal. The UI for writing notes is quite good, there’s support for basic text formatting, tables and lists with checkboxes. There’s also support for inline links, making it good for collecting notes from websites without having raw URIs sticking out. However, there’s no editor button for adding a hyperlink and the macOS keyboard convention for the keyboard shortcut is ⌘K rather than ⌘L (for link) or ⌘H (for hyperlink). Finally, it would be great if there was a way to archive notes, instead of deleting them. None of these are dealbreakers, but hopefully some of them get updated in future versions.

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