Social Distancing Day 11

A fairly quiet day today. It seems that like last week, Saturday is still Saturday. I woke up late, called the parents, ate a late lunch of leftovers. In the afternoon, I played a couple games of Age of Empires 2 with friends, cleaned the kitchen, watched Frozen 2 with the roommates, lusted after Apple’s new MacBook Air. I feel this pandemic may be a time of firsts for me, today was the first time I actually played a video game online with friends.

There’s a certain sense of calm today. Maybe it’s because it’s Saturday, maybe because I managed to stay off Twitter for most of the day, maybe it’s because I spent most of the day in immersive flow activities. For whatever reason, it feels like a day of respite, an oasis of calm in the middle of everything that’s going around us.

I am still trying to find some sense of balance in the middle of all this, and not doing a very good job of it. So far I have learned that developing and sticking to routines helps. Having regular meals at regular times, taking a shower and changing clothes in the morning (even if it’s not “work clothes”), putting the phone down, or stepping away from the computer, all of that helps.

I think it’s important to remember that besides staying at home as much as possible, and maybe helping our neighbors and contributing supplies and resources to good causes, there isn’t much that most of us can do at this time. Of course, if you are a healthcare professional, or someone in an executive position with access to resources, things are different. But for the rest of us, the best we can do in this time is to stay safe, stay sane, and take care of each other.

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