Social Distancing Day 7

I’m starting to get into something of a routine. I’m still waking up later than I would like, but early enough that I can spend the morning meditating, exercising, and generally getting ready for the rest of the day. Afternoons are for working, evenings are for dinner and hanging out with the roommates, or video conferencing friends. I usually spend another hour or so working or writing these posts before calling it a night.

The last couple of days I’ve been working on reviews. I’m on the Artifact Evaluation Committee for the PLDI 2020 conference, and reviews are due at the end of the week. That means that I get to look at a number of pieces of research software, and verify that the software operates as described in the corresponding research paper. It’s been good to have something concrete and relatively well-defined to focus on. Otherwise, it’s far too easy to stay glued to Twitter all day.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and the roommates’ put together some thematically appropriate fare for dinner: corned beef, cabbage, green beans, and bread, paired with some Guinness. Things can seem pretty bad at the moment, and in a lot of ways they are, but it’s important to celebrate when possible.


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