Social Distancing Day 1

Left the apartment today for one last group meeting, and to pick some supplies (include comic books). We’re all preparing to hunker down and go online for the long run. Zoom is our tool choice for the time being, that and GitHub. I took a long walk back from Harvard’s campus back this afternoon. It seemed like a better idea than taking the T, and a way to get some exercise.

At the moment, I’m not too concerned about spending the next few weeks at home. Part of that is having roommates, so I won’t be completely socially isolated. I’m also lucky enough to live near some natural lands, so I’m hoping to get out and about on a regular basis.

However, one thing I am worried about is slipping into vacation mode. I need to pay attention to keeping a more-or-less regular schedule: waking up on time, normal working hours, regular meal times, etc. This is something to think about and start working on tomorrow.

I won’t lie: I’m a little scared. I don’t really interact with elderly people, but the social distancing is a precautionary measure. Given where I live, I would say it’s more likely than thought that I will or have already been exposed to the virus. I’m expecting to be pretty sick for a couple weeks soon and that will be uncomfortable. Hopefully there will be no long-lasting effects. But till that happens I’m hoping to keep up regular exercise, and eating well, including vitamin D and C supplements. Basically, I want to do everything to give my immune system the best chance to fight off the virus when it does come knocking.

Tomorrow I plan on writing more about why I think social distancing is the best thing for everyone, regardless of whether or not they think they’ve been exposed, or what their risk factors are. I’ll also try to set down in writing what I plan to do to make the most of this time.

Till then, stay safe, and take care of each other.

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