Social Distancing Day 0

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has declared a state of emergency. Harvard is planning to essentially shut down and move classes online at the end of the week. For myself, I’m planning on going into full-blown social distancing. I might go out briefly to stock up on some supplies tomorrow, but other than that, I’ll be hunkering down for a while.

I was half-joking to a friend that I should keep Social Distancing Diaries, but that they might be mind-numbingly boring. We shall see.

I made sure my beefy physical Linux machine was updated and running, connected to the university’s wired network, and that I could connect remotely to it. I wanted to also set up remote access using VNC. But it turns out that neither Chicken VNC nor Tiger VNC send the proper keycodes from my MacBook to my Linux machine. Connecting over SSH will have to do.

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