The First Day of Spring

Yesterday was the Spring Equinox, also known as the officially the first day of Spring. It still doesn’t feel particularly Spring-like here in Cambridge, but it is starting to warm up.

I was walking through Harvard Square yesterday. It was bright and breezy, with the sun teasing the possibility of warmth. I went into Felipe’s Taqueria, one of my favorite fast Mexican places in town. I sat by the window, in the sunlight, people-watching for a solid half an hour. I was sorely tempted to step into Mike’s Pastry, but the battle of the bulge won’t fight itself.

Felipe's Taqueria in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA.

Felipe’s Taqueria in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA.

The day before that I was spending the early afternoon in my favorite coffee shop, (sorry, I’m not quite ready to give away that secret). I ended up talking to the young gentleman sitting next to me about fountain pens. The young lady at the register there has the cutest accent, and knows my name already.

Yesterday I also went to an old college friend’s PhD defense, where I ran into another college friend. I also stopped by his celebration later in the day where I met a bunch of interesting new people, and had some really good cake. So much for not being tempted by dessert.

When I first moved to Cambridge nine months ago, I underestimated how difficult it would be to start a life in a place where I knew very people, and where most of the people I did know had their own lives and social groups to keep them busy. I still haven’t made as much progress on that front as I would like to.

On the other hand, some days I have random encounters and end up spending lots of quality time with people who really get me. On days like that, I fucking love Cambridge.

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