Sunday Selection 2013-06-02

Happy June Everyone! Hope your summer is off to a good start. Here’s a quick round-up of interesting stuff from the last week of May.

Around the Web

What happened to the Internet productivity miracle?

This isn’t the first article (and it certainly won’t be the last) to ask the question of what effect our technology is really having on us. This one approaches the question from a different angle: why haven’t the documented booms in productivity in the early part of the last decade kept going till the modern day?

Open-plan offices make employees less productive, less happy and more likely to get sick.

I spend most of my time working in Cornell CS’s open-plan Systems Lab. Even though it’s open-plan, it’s quite spacious, the desks face away from each other, it’s generally quiet and it’s easy to ignore things around you and focus on work. At the same time, I still like having an office where I can close the door (and everything else). This article gives a summary of reasons why open plan offices are a bad idea and backs them up with references to studies and surveys.

A Perspective: Developers vs Microsoft

I’ve always had a mild interest in how changing technologies affect the communities and developers that depend on them. It’s interesting to read about how Microsoft’s changing APIs and platforms have attracted and then driven away the developers that build on top of them


The Forge – For Anybody Hurting

I’m lucky to not have lost a family member or a close friend to suicide, depression or any other form of mental illness. However, I do know people who have been affected by it. And while I don’t really believe that watching a single video will cure depression or prevent suicides (though it may save a few people), I do think that this video has a message that’s worth listening to.

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