Rust to OCaml via FizzBuzz

Last month fellow PL grad student Lindsey Kuper wrote a post about the Rust programming language and used the FizzBuzz problem as a running example to demonstrate Rust’s pattern matching features. While reading the post what was struck me was the resemblance to the OCaml language. After reading the post I sat down and ported Lindsey’s code to OCaml. The resulting code is on Github as a gist, feel free to take a look and fork away.

Lindsey’s Rust code and my OCaml code look practically identical (modulo syntactic differences like braces and semicolons). Both languages seem to support similar basic types and matching on them. I haven’t looked into Rust into any detail, but it seems like an interesting language. I’ve been using OCaml a fair amount over the past few months and I’ve come to miss its type system and pattern matching when working in other languages. I’m looking forward to seeing those features in a systems programming language and am particularly curious about how it will interact with an object syntax. There’s a big tutorial with lots of interesting stuff, so I’m looking forward to more exploring.

For your convenience, here’s the OCaml code:

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