Amazon has good customer service

Last week I realized I didn’t have a single usable USB Flash drive. So what do I do? I hope on Amazon and order myself one of course. I got this nice Kingston 32GB drive that looked small enough to fit on my keyring and spent a few minutes in awe of the fact that this tiny thing had more capacity than my first computer’s hard drive (a paltry 20GB).

I ordered it on April 15 at night and since I have Amazon Prime, I got an estimated delivery date of April 18. Unfortunately, the 18th came and went and there was no sign of the package showing up. The tracker on Amazon said that the package had “left the seller” on April 16 but had made on progress since then. Since this was the first time Amazon had been late with a package, I decided to give them some slack and wait a few more days. On Monday, April 21, there was still no sign of the package so I decided to contact and see if I could get some answers.

Once I found the Amazon Contact Us page I was glad to see that there was a live chat option along with the usual phone and email option. The chat experience was really smooth. After some simple questions to narrow down the problem I was talking to a real human (I think) within a few minutes. Once I told them what the problem was, they checked on the package status and immediately offered me a free replacement or refund, without even asking. I went with the replacement and today the package showed up at my doorstep. The process was smooth and quick and entirely without fuss. It’s definitely one of (if not the) smoothest customer service experience I’ve ever had.

It wasn’t perfect: the orders page has options to Track, Return/Replace Items, Leave Package/Delivery Feedback or Write a Review. There’s no way to say that the package delivery seems stuck. Under the Delivery Feedback I can say that I haven’t received the package, but it just tells me to leave more feedback when I get it. It would be great to actually have an option to say that there’s something’s wrong with the delivery and I want Amazon to look into it. Secondly, while the whole contact process was smooth, it was hard to find the contact page in the first place. There doesn’t seem to be a contact button or link on the main Amazon page or site and there’s nothing of the sort on the Track Orders page either. I had to Google for “Amazon contact” to find the page. It was smooth sailing after that point, but it’s definitely something I wish was smoother.

Anyways, the point is that I had a smooth customer service experience with Amazon and though there are rough spots, it was very good on the whole. Now I’m going to stop talking about my first world problems and get back to hacking in OCaml.

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