Sunday Selection 2012-10-28

Today’s selection is a grab-bag of various interesting things I’ve found around the Internet. There’s no real theme this time besides what I found interesting and share-worthy. Enjoy.

Around the Web

Paris and the Data Mind

Craig Mod takes a look at how we’ve grown to accept and even depend on the ability to constantly monitor, store and share what we’re doing in our live. He talks about Paris, his Fitbit, walking, climbing the Eiffel Tower and how sometimes it’s nice to stop recording, measuring and documenting life and just live instead.

Solving Gen Y’s Passion Problem

Following our passion seems to have been the mantra for most my generation (at least for those growing up in Western, English speaking countries). And yet that advice does not seem to have actually gotten us anywhere. Maybe we need to look for life advice that is maybe not quite so optimistic and uplifting, but more beneficial in the long run?

The Island Where People Forget to Die

In age of growing obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stress-related ailments we can stand to learn a lot from cultures where people not only live longer, but also live healthier and in many ways better. This article looks at the people on the island of Ikaria, their lifestyle and what we can learn from them.


Amber Rae interviews Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers is one of my heroes. In this interview he talks about his experiences with CD Baby, one of the largest online CD stores, how we decides what to work on and the value of money.

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