Sunday Selection 2012-06-24

Around the Web

Dr. Peter Whybrow Says We’re Addicted to Stress

As much as I love technology and connectivity, it’s very easy to let it consume your life, to feel as your’re required to be connected 24/7. This is even more true if your job doesn’t have strict timings (like being a graduate student). It’s best to set boundaries and stick to them, for our own sanity.

How to Do What You Love

This is a Paul Graham classic that I think is worth reading every few months. It’s nominally about finding work that you love but it’s also a sharp critique of how we trick ourselves into doing things we don’t want and really don’t have to do.

Humanity: Not an Immutable State

This post is from the excellent Terminally Incoherent blog. It captures a lot of what I’ve thinking about humanity’s continued technologically-catalyzed evolution. We are changing as a race and a culture and I think that’s a good thing – as long as we actively acknowledge, accept and direct that change.

From the Bookshelf

A PhD is not enough

A PhD is often considered a stepping stone on the path to an academic career. This book provides a sobering look at the reality of academic careers (especially in the pre-tenure stage) and shows how getting a PhD is just the first step on the path. If you’re considering a PhD or life in academia consider this required reading.


Aalto talk with Linus Torvalds

Classic Linus on the birth and continued evolution of Linux, the spread of open source ideas beyond software and the problem of troublesome hardware vendors.

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