Sunday Selection 2012-06-10

Around the Web

Signs that you’re a good programmer

This article would make a good companion to my last post On Mastery. While it’s about what the author sees in good programmers, it’s also a how-to on becoming a good programmer. The evidence is anecdotal so you want to do your own research, but it’s a good starting point.

Don’t waste a single moment

Getting things done and living a worthwhile life are not easy things. For all the things that our education system teaches us, we’re never really taught how to live life. Sometimes it’s helpful to hear from someone who’s living their life on purpose.

Wasting Time is New Divide in Digital Era

A big part of living the life we want is focusing on the things that are actually important to us. While digital technology is awesome and has allowed so many great things, it’s also made it easier than ever to get distracted and waste time. Unfortunately it’s a lot harder to get distracted than it is to focus.


Joe Kraus on Slow Technology

This video mirrors a lot of the concerns of the previous article. At the end it also makes a case for how we could change and adapt technology to foster a way of life that encourages creativity, concentration and focus.

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