Still Alive

Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated. To be honest, I always feel a tinge of guilt and regret whenever I write a post along the lines of “I’m alive” or “I’m back”. Generally it means that I’ve spent the preceding few weeks in some form of pseudo-business, done some work, probably watched far too much TV and generally spent more time consuming than creating. Oh well, what’s done is done.

As I said, I am very much still alive (not quite kicking, but I’m working on that). It’s summer which means it’s warm outside and so I’m increasingly inclined to spend time inside. I don’t like the heat very much. While I’ve been gone I’ve been thinking about a number of things of varying levels of importance to me (and to you, my dear readers). So here’s a quick brain dump, in no particular order.

It’s been a while since I learned a new programming language. I’ve been using C and Python extensively and while I like good systems and scripting languages as much as the next hacker, it’s a bit like eating only whole wheat bread with Nutella. Not that there’s anything wrong with whole wheat bread or nutella, but I am craving a bit more variety. I’ve been looking at more exotic sources of nutrition, mainly Haskell and Clojure (nothing like a good Lisp to spice things up). Real World Haskell has been sitting idle on my desk for far too long – I stalled at chapter 4 and it’s about time I picked it up again. I’m considering grabbing a copy of Joy of Clojure too.

While writing code is certainly fun, I do missing writing words. And no, I don’t mean words meant for publication in a scientific journal (see whole wheat bread and Nutella above). In particular, I’ve been wanting to tell some good stories. I’ve always loved books and television and movies but it took some binge-watching of Doctor Who to help me realize that what I really like is a good story. And I like telling them as much as I like hearing (or seeing, or reading) them. It’s been entirely far too long since I wrote any sizeable amount of fiction and I can feel my storytelling muscles atrophying. If I put it off for much longer all I’m going to be capable of is Michael Bay-esque explosive blockbusters (though that might nicely supplement my starving grad student’s salary). I’ve been thinking about doing NaNoWriMo this year. NaNoWriMo sounds like a writing marathon and like all sporting events, training helps. I’ve always considered my blog to be training for non-fiction writing (and it’s helped) so maybe a similar fiction-writing training routine might help. Speaking of blogging, I miss it too. Writing really is a great way to sort out my ideas and think aloud (so to speak). So more of that too.

In other news, this blog runs off and I pay for mapping the domain to their servers. Apparently this will expire in about two weeks. I’ve been barking on and off about the need for next-generation content management systems that allow for more than a blog/static-site dichotomy. Given that it’s summer and I have a solid deadline this might be a good time to bite the bullet and roll my own. I did a half-hearted attempt a few years ago and round two has been long overdue. I’m still working out just what I want from this new system, but I have some cool ideas (mostly culled from other places). More on that later.

On a mostly unrelated note I tried out a new coworking space a few blocks from my place. It’s called the Popshop and seems to be run by a bunch of Cornell seniors. It’s pretty decent, they have lots of markers, whiteboards, air conditioning, a couch and a 3D printer. But the chairs suck so I may not be back too often. I’m also more in favor of quiet and isolated working spaces. I do spend most days working in an open plan setup, but we each have a lot of space to ourselves and there isn’t a whole lot of social interaction. I suppose coworking spaces are great if you’re looking for people to bounce ideas off but I prefer isolation when it comes to actually pumping out the code (or the words).

To recap: I’m alive. I’m looking forward to lots more hacking and writing in the near future. Coworking might be cool, but I’ll stick to my office for now. See you all tomorrow.

One thought on “Still Alive

  1. Before you go too far on the roll your own I’d suggest looking at The new Django based hotness…Uses Bootstrap as the css, so fully responsive out of the box. And of Course Django give you most everything you might want, and it is pre-assembled, you could do some great contribs as well, (great community), I’m hoping to get off my rear and get going to replace my Mingus (Django) based site soon.

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