Sunday Selection 2012-04-29

I know it’s not Sunday in most parts of the world, and it’s almost not Sunday anymore here, so I’m going to slip this in quickly.

Around the Web

How Geniuses Think I’m always interesting in what drives ingenuity and creativity. This doesn’t go very deep into details or give exact references, but it’s a good set of points about how creative, insightful thinking works and how we can get some of it into our own thinking.

Walking the Line Between Good and Evil Andrea Kuszewski is quickly becoming one of my favorite science writers. This article is probably one of her best. It takes a look into modern conceptions of heroes and villains, what their psyches are like, what sets them apart and (most importantly) how close they actually are to each other.

Stop working more than 40 hours a week Productivity is always an interesting battle. Is it really worth working as much as you can if you’re not getting any more done? I’d like to think that there is a peak point in the number of hours after which productivity. After that you should take a break and relax. I haven’t looked up the research to see if its true, but I do like the idea of keeping my sanity.

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