Sunday Selection 2012-03-25

Around the Web

How to Write Like a Scientist I love writing, almost as much as I like programming. If ever I decided to hang up my programming boots I’d probably be a writer full time. As a new graduate student in a scientific field I’m going to be doing a fair amount of writing over the next few years (and probably longer). Scientific writing isn’t quite like blogging or writing fiction, but maybe we can make it just as interesting and exciting.

The King of Geeks (and Dad of 3) Linus Torvalds is probably pretty high up on any programmer’s hero list. Though the story of his life isn’t exactly a secret (he’s written a book about it) it’s interesting to see how his lifestyle has (or hasn’t) been affected by Linux’s success

The art of outsider thinking I think we’re at interesting point in human history: there is too much knowledge in the world (and more being created all the time) for any one person to master it all. At the same time the Internet makes it possible for talented people to combine information and ideas from different fields and make outstanding contributions to science and technology. Can we redefine the ideal of the Renaissance Man for the Information Age?


How to be Alone Consider this a follow-on from the last Selection’s video on the power of introverts. No matter how much modern society might emphasize teamwork and groupthink, sometimes you need to cut yourself off from everything and everyone and have your own epiphanies.

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