Sunday Selection 2012-03-11

Happy Daylight Savings Time Day everyone! (Or something like that)

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Are you a Zen coder or a distraction junkie? It’s been a while since I’ve worked on a project where “my code’s been compiling” has been a valid excuse for not working. But now that I am on such a project, it’s important that those mini-breaks don’t turn into longer breaks.

Successful people are successful Einstein is rumored to have said that compound interest is the most powerful force in the Universe. Whether or not he actually said that, compound interest is still pretty powerful. Maybe it applies to reputation and achievement just as much as it applies to money.

The power of diligence in creating a remarkable life Keeping one’s options open seems to be a pretty common strategy but it could be the wrong one. Perhaps it’s a better idea to pick an area and dive deep rather than to spread your bets.


On being an introvert Everyone seems to be busy building the next social thing to help us “connect” better to everyone else. But a lot of the best work requires solitude and independence. Introversion might be a hidden superpower. (There’s a written synopsis, but the video is well worth the 18 minutes of your time.)

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