Sunday Selection 2012-02-19

Around the Web

UNIX as IDE I have a love-hate relationship with IDEs. While I understand that IDEs are useful (if not essential) for languages like Java and C++, I personally can stay away from those languages and hence I use Emacs + command line tools as my IDE. Working primarily in Linux (and sometimes OS X) makes this very easy. This series (it’s a long read) is chock full of useful tips to better use Unix as your IDE.

Don’t Fall in Love with Your Technology Our job is not to use the best technology or write code. Our job is to solve problems.

Letter to a Young PL enthusiast This pretty topic-specific, but I’m a PL enthusiast so it’s relevant. If you’re interested in PL research (or just like exposing yourself to new ideas) this is a worthwhile. I don’t know half the things mentioned, but I try to learn a little more everyday. Additionally there seems to be a new PL-oriented mailing list called

Fromt the Bookshelf

How to Steal like an Artist Ok, I’m jumping the gun on this one. It just came out and I pre-ordered on Amazon so I’m going to get it in a few days. But judging from the talk and blog post that started it all, it’s going to be awesome. Amazon has it for the cost of a venti something-or-the-other from Starbucks.

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