Sunday Selection 2012-02-12

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The Information Diet : A Case for Conscious Consumption You could consider this a counter-argument to my previous post on how we can use consume and use information. I think we’re still pretty early into the Information Age and we’re still coming to grips with the fact that we have the world’s knowledge just a few clicks away. I haven’t read the book yet, but it’s definitely on my reading list.

10 Rules of a Zen Programmer I’m not entirely sure why there seems to be a strong interest in Eastern meditation and mysticism in the hacker culture, but tit does lead to some interesting analogies. In that light, this article is both pragmatic and idealist. While I don’t agree with all of it (no. 5 for example) it’s a worthwhile read and might help change your perspectives.

How to be Relentlessly Resourceful This isn’t about technology or Zen (at least not directly). It’s more about how to get the job done. And we all want to get the job done.


Spotify To be honest, I still have my doubts about streaming music. I do prefer to have my own collection that I’ve paid for and (mostly) have physical copies of. That being said, I do think Spotify is a really neat service and a good way to try out artists and albums before I decide to buy.

One thought on “Sunday Selection 2012-02-12

  1. The annoying thing about Spotify is its close Facebook integration and the way it broadcasts my music preferences. I mostly use, nice collection of music and no login required.

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