Sunday Selection 2011-11-27

Today’s a bit of a health and fitness special to compensate for all the Thanksgiving excesses. But first, some programming.


All I Need to Be a Better Programmer I Learned in Kindergarten Sometimes the basics can be boiled down to just a few sentences. Sometimes I think I knew more when I was five than I do now. Of course, that’s a lie, but it’s worth thinking about.

Code Fearlessly I think version control is amazing. I’ve been using Git for a few years now (Subversion before then) and I keep all my writing as well as my code in repositories, backed up to Amazon and a VPS. The great thing about version control is how it lets you make mistakes and try out wild ideas without worrying about how you’ll get back to a working state if you break something.

Health and Fitness

The Creative Brain on Exercise I know, I know. Exercise doesn’t come naturally to most of us spending our days in front of our screens. But given how much of our work is creative in nature, it makes sense to take care of our engines of creation. I think the time spent in exercise will more than pay itself back over the years (in saved medical bills and lost work time if nothing else).

How Getting Buff Can Make You a Better Rubyist. In case you’re wondering about whether any of this exercise and diet stuff actually works or not, here’s some evidence straight from the source. This is worth watching even if you’re not a programmer, but just someone who has a normally sedentary work life.

Tim Ferriss on the 4-Hour Body at the NEXT conference I know that so-called “extreme” advice such as provided by Tim in his book always earns a skeptical look, but I find his idea of minimum effective dose quite interesting. If you’re looking for the most efficient ways to change your body for the better, this is a must-watch.

Eat to Live If you’d rather have advice from a medical doctor who’s also changed the lives of dozens (if not hundreds) of people, this book is your best bet. I tend to think of it as more of a primer on nutrition and health in general rather than just a diet or fitness book. It might take you some time to get through it (though it’s a small book) but again, the investment is definitely worth it.

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