Sunday Selection 2010-04-24

Sorry for the delay folks, I realize it’s not Sunday in most parts of the world, but I still have about 3 hours here on the East coast of America, so here goes.

Around the Internet

Is sitting a lethal activity? I’ve always had an interest in ergonomics and good work places, but I’ve started to hear more and more about how sitting is downright dangerous even if you have an ergonomic chair. I’ve personally been trying to do more of my work standing up, but it’s not easy considering that there is about one place in the whole school where I can stand and work in reasonable comfort.

Principle of Least Software For most of my work, I can just use three programs — Firefox, Emacs and a Terminal. When I’m on my Mac the list lengthens a little to include OmniFocus and iTunes. I try to use the bare minimum amount of software and though there’s little desktop software I need, I do use a lot of webapps and services. I wish I could use less.

From the Bookshelf

Talent is Overrated Continuing my readings on peak performance and top performers, I decided to reread this book (which I bought along with Outliers). The writing isn’t as good as Gladwell’s (and there’s a whole chapter on what businesses can go, which I don’t care about). But it’s still packed full of interesting examples and useful information.


Quotebook It’s a nifty little iOS app to store quotes. It doesn’t come with thousands of built-in quotes but rather lets you collect and curate your own collection.  It’s a bit limited without an accompanying web or desktop app because I don’t fancy typing in or copying large amounts of text on iOS, but I think something like that is in the works.

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