Sunday Selection 2010-09-05


How do I write so much? I’m glad you asked is something I think all bloggers and academics should read. I think writing is  a very good way to practice thinking and spread your ideas and this article describes both why and how you should increase your writing throughput.


Google Priority Inbox video While priority inbox by itself is a very useful feature for people dealing with lots of email, the video itself is a work of art. It’s really well made and I found it both entertaining and informative


Google Priority Inbox is probably best thought of as a spam filter in reverse. Instead of removing spam from your inbox, it places important email in a “priority inbox” that shows up as a section on top of your main inbox. If you get lots of email a day this is for you. I suggest changing the settings so that important emails are shown in the priority inbox even after they’re read. That way it’s easier for you to find important mail after you’ve read it.

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