Sunday Selection 2010-08-15

Firstly, Happy Indian Indepdence Day! Enjoy your freedom, use it well, it was hard-earned. Moving on…


The early history of HTML Have you ever wondered how the great World Wide Web came to be? Apparently it’s a bit of a mystery but this article does a good job of piecing things together and giving some insight into how HTML.

What happened to Yahoo! Even though Yahoo still exists and owns some really great websites (like Delicious and Flickr), it seems to have completely dropped off the map in recent years. Paul Graham (whose startup was bought by Yahoo!) takes a look at why Yahoo! seems to have lost its relevance.


Twilio on NY Tech Meetup It’s not that often you see people writing code live during presentations, so when you do see people whipping up live code to create usable webapps and then opening them up to the public, that’s something really worth watching.


Instapaper aims to bring back the practice of reading long-form pieces of the Internet. It lets you save webpages and also helpfully extracts the text from the page. There are iPhone, iPad and Kindle apps to help you read anywhere and anytime.

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