Sunday Selection 2010-02-28


Unlink Your Feeds – A Manifesto is a passionate appeal for not diverting all your social information to everywhere else. It makes a good case for keeping individual social networks separate. I suggest you follow the links at the end of the post too.


Unlearn Your MBA by David Heinemeier Hansson is something that you really need to listen to if you want to start your own company any time soon. DHH is quickly becoming one my heroes, both in terms of business and software and if I start a software business, I’m definitely going to taking a few pages out of his books.


FreeMind is a free, cross platform mind-mapping tool. Mind mapping is a great way to brainstorm new ideas. Though I love plain text as much as the next guy, the visual impact of mind mapping can be helpful. I’ve only just started using at the recommendation of a professor and will probably have an article on it sometime.

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