And my mum wants a Gmail account

So you’ve all probably heard the news about Google deciding to stop censoring the Chinese version of it’s search engine and considering pulling out of China entirely. It’s already being beaten to death around the intertubes with lots of opinions ranging from “hero” to “hypocrite” and I really have nothing important to add to the matter. My personal opinion is that they can run their business however they choose and morality isn’t something that can be externally imposed, whether by law or public opinion. Google is a business entity and it’s up to them to decide what the moral consequences of their actions are (and to choose between morality and money, if it should come to that).

I don’t like blogging about “current events” like this because I feel that more often than not everything that needs to be said gets said pretty quickly (and usually by lots of other people by the time I get to it, thanks to my being a full-time student). Anything deeper generally doesn’t come out for a good few days later, so it’s still pointless to rush to talk about it.

But I did find it mildly amusing that my mother wanted me to make her a Gmail account since she says she has problems with her MSN account (I suppose it’s technically a Windows Live account now) just minutes after I read the news. She’s not one to keep up with tech news and I doubt she knows about the Google China business,  so I put it down to an interesting coincidence.

And life goes on.

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