Sunday Selection 2009-12-13

It’s cold and rainy and icy outside, but luckily I’m nice and warm in a room with three computers and serving up yet another Sunday Selection. Here goes:


Technically Speaking: An interview with Jason Fried This isn’t my usual technical fare, but Jason Fried is one of my favorite technology entrepreneurs. He runs 37signals a company that makes some really cool webapps, spawned Ruby on Rails and actually makes a fair amount of cash without any VC funding. If you’re interested in making money from technology, this is a must read.

We need: A programmable Twitter client In the past year or two, Twitter has really taken the web by storm and the increasing number of clients attest to its popularity. This piece gives a look at how we can turn Twitter into a more programmable service even if the core Twitter service doesn’t support it.


Information R/Evolution This is a pretty amazing and really well put together video about how information technology has changed from the days of library and paper to the current world wide web.


Google Chrome for OS X It may not have all the features of Firefox and it doesn’t support extensions yet, but it’s still a browser that can hold its own. And there’s something about the user interface that makes it fit right into the OS X desktop. I don’t use it full time, but it’s growing on me.

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