Sunday Selection 2009-10-11


Your Blog is Your Mothership With the rise of social media, tumblelogs, vlogs, Twitter and the like, it’s easy to think that the time of full-length blogs is over. This article takes the position that your blog is still very important if you want to make the most of the internet


I’m a Technical Woman A simple but thought provoking video that came out of the latest Grace Hopper Conference.

Required Viewing for All Teens and Young Adults All I’ll say about this is that the title is self-explanatory


Portable Firefox The browser scene has heated up recently up with browsers like Chrome and Safari making an appearance, but Firefox is still my browser of choice. A large part of it’s appeal comes from its extension and I find its functionality reduced if I need to be at a public computer. Thankfully Portable Firefox for OS X and Windows lets me take all my customizations with me.

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