Sunday Selection 2009-09-05

WordPress users beware: there’s a worm going around that’s capable of compromising your WordPress install, going deep into the database. Luckily there is a way to fix it. So get your upgrades and keep on blogging


Old WordPress versions under attack Here’s a pretty detailed post about the vulnerability and how to detect it, fix it and keep yourself safe.


Hans Rosling on Data Representation We’re living in a world where there is lots and lots of data and much of that is readily available thanks in no small part to the internet. But at the same time, data without interpretation is useless. This video provides some great insights and examples on how to look at data and make sense of it. Deserving of a standing ovation.


Identifox and Twitterfox There are a number of really good clients if you’re using Twitter or for microblogging. However, since your browser is probably open all the time, I think it makes sense to use tools that are integrated with the browser. These are two Firefox plugins that are good tools for interacting for the respective services. Identifox is listed as an experimental plugin, but it’s already quite stable and I’ve never had any problems with it.

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