Announcing the Cyborg Institute

No, no, you can relax, we’re not building the Borg and assimilating the galaxy. Not yet at least. The Cyborg Institute is a brand new collaborative project started by a an online friend of mine — tycho garen (no capitalization). The purpose of the Cyborg Institute is to foster thinking about the relationships between humans and computer technology and build a community around this purpose. Quoting from the release announcement:

The project of the Cyborg Institute is thus, to serve as a virtual “think tank” on issues related to the cyborg moment, to provide resources to people doing important work in this area, to aggregate and curate existing work and content as a way of highlighting existing work, and finally to provide the tools for a community to collaborate on projects of shared interest.

Since the core mission of the Cyborg Institute is to encourage sharing of information and discussion, we are looking to build around the wiki. It’s a wiki in the style of the c2 and Emacs wikis. These are different from the more popular Wikipedia style by making discussion of the content a core part of the wiki. The purpose is to display not only the most relevant and accurate information but also to showcase the discussion that led to the creation of the current article being viewed.

The Cyborg Institute is very much a community centered endeavor and we’re hoping that the site will grow and change to accommodate what the people using it need. If you have an interest in using technology to make your life better and easier, I strongly suggest you go take a look and maybe contribute something to the wiki. The wiki is running off Ikiwiki in the background, but can be edited with a simple, plain text web interface using the Markdown formatting language. The wiki and the blog are also available as Git repositories so that you can keep a local copy if you like. To get access you can sign up for an account or use OpenID like I do.

I look forward to seeing you around the Wiki and sharing some thoughts about the shared future of humanity and computers.

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