Sunday Selection 2009-07-19

I’m still at Virginia Tech for a few more weeks, but all the other students I was with have left. So I got moved to the really nice rooms for graduate students, the only downside being that I’m practically locked in since my card won’t open the doors (I was let in by a really nice grad student). Stupid technology. While I get that fixed, here’s another installment of Sunday Selection.


The Cathedral and the Pirate A funny but thought provoking look at the Microsoft-Google competition in light of the announcement of the Google Chrome OS.


Ubiquity in Depth Ubiquity is a creation from Mozilla Labs in the form of a Firefox extension that aims to bring the different components of the web and the services available into a easy-to-reach form in the browser. There’s a 6 minute demo video about half way through the article.


Ubiquity It takes some getting used to, but it’s a great tool. My personal favorite is the ability to quickly look up snippets of wikipedia without leaving the page I’m on. I would recommend getting the latest beta.

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