Sunday Selection 2009-06-21

It’s a warm Sunday afternoon in Southern Virginia and I need to do laundry and other such mundane stuff. But before that it’s time for another installment of Sunday Selection


The Benefits of a Classical Education Nothing to do with computers but certainly worth reading for anyone who does work that involves the intellect in any way (and I do hope that your work with the computer involves your intellect)


CouchDB and me Once again not entirely about computers. It’s more about what to do with your life if you really love computer technology and want to work on your terms rather than slave away on what someone else thinks is important.


Opera 10 beta This includes the much hyped and talked about Unite web server. As I’ve said before, I have my doubts as to whether or not it will have any noticeable impact on the web, but you might think differently. If you might some cool, interesting way to use it, do let me know.

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