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After four months away I’m now back to hosting The ByteBaker at I would have liked to stay on paid hosting and experimented some more with custom themes and widgets, but unfortunately my hosting experience at Fatcow has not made that possible. Things started out well but have recently deteriorated to below acceptable levels in terms of speed. I still have 6 months of hosting left and I have some ideas for a purely static site that I might want to put up, but I won’t make any progress on that until later in the summer.

For now it’s back to The ByteBaker as my main platform. I’ve decided to go with a clean, minimal theme with just a small amount of customization. I’ve always wanted to have something that was a bit more permanent than a day to day blog. With that in mind I’ve decided to have a static front page for new readers who are looking to have a quick overview of the most important articles that I’ve posted. I’m working on a longer post on why a pure blog isn’t the most suited to what I want, but for now the best I can do is to refer you to Steve Yegge’s blog posts on the matter.

When I talked about starting a life recording experiment, I mentioned how I wanted to have a wiki that I could use as a staging area for possible blog posts and as a catch-all for any interesting ideas I might have. I wasn’t sure about what service or tool I wanted to use because I had some conflicting requirements. At this point the main choices I’m considering is using an online wiki hosted at PBWorks or writing text files which get turned into web pages on Github Pages. I’m going to start trials on both of them and make a decision by the end of the summer.

I’m looking forward to writing some good posts with a simpler, more efficient setup on hand.

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