Sunday Selection 2009-06-07

It’s a lovely day here in South Virginia, I’m back from a very enjoyable 4-mile hike and now it’s time for me to put together another round of readings media and software from around the web.


Unix turns 40 I’ve been a Linux user for about three years now and a Mac user for about a year and a half. Both of these are Unix variants and I feel very indebted to the makers of Unix and all it’s variants and improvements over the decades for giving me an excellent learning tool and a rock-stable programming platform


Google Wave Preview The world’s first look at what promises to be a very interesting technology and collaboration platform in the years to come. This is definitely something I wish for everytime I work on a group project (which is increasingly often.) I think most team-workers will play the same way.


Chromium This is the open source core around which Google Chrome is built. Keep in mind that this is a developer beta for Linux and OS X users and not ready for prime time at all. But it would be great if you take a look and fill out bug reports.

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