Sunday Selection 2009-05-24

I realize that a lot of people around the world won’t be seeing  this until Monday and I apologize, the trip to Virginia Tech seems to have thrown off my timing somewhat. 


They Write the Right Stuff This is actually a much older article, but it showed up on Reddit a while ago and I thought it was really interesting. It’s about how the software for the Space Shuttle was written. I think it’s worth reading for anyone who professionally builds software. I wonder what the world would be like if all software was written this way.


Tim Berners-Lee on the Next Web Websites are great, but sometimes you really want to just get your hands on the raw data that other people have used to draw conclusions and are the topics of the web pages. One of the creators of the Internet is pushing an effort to do exactly that


Moblin v2 Beta for Netbooks Moblin is a new Linux system designed for netbooks. It’s main feature is a new graphical interface which makes the most of the limited screen estate available to netbooks. I’m considering getting a netbook at the end of summer and Moblin looks like something I might put on it.



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