Sunday Selection 2009-05-03

After a few weeks off for various reasons, Sunday Selection is back. Here goes:


Needle in a haystack: efficient storage of billions of photos This is a very informative piece from Facebook’s engineers about how they put together the infrstructure needed to support Facebook’s massive photo storage system. It’s pretty long and gets quite technical, but is definitely worth reading if you’re interested in storage.

From BFS to ZFS: past, present and future of filesystems While we’re on the topic of filesystems, this is an article from about a year ago that gives a very comprehensive (and not too technical) overview of the history of filesystems write from the early days. Also included is a glimpse into what might become the filesystems of the future.


Interview with John McCarthy, the father of Lisp Lisp is one of the most powerful programming languages in existence and I have a strong interest in it. This interview with the creator of the language takes a look at the inspiration and history behind the creation of Lisp


Adobe AIR this new technology from Adobe is designed to bring the web out of the broswer and on to the desktop. It’s designed to help developers write Rich Internet Applications which combine the information available on the Internet with all the benefits of a desktop application. I haven’t really used it very much myself and I’m not a big fan of proprietary formats, but it is still an interesting piece of technology.

One thought on “Sunday Selection 2009-05-03

  1. Hi ByteBaker,

    Thanks for sharing the “Guy Steele Interviews John McCarthy, Father of Lisp” link.

    Best Wishes.

    – weima

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