National Conference on Undergraduate Research 2009

My posting rate has been rather down lately because I’ve been working on a presentation and paper for the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. It’s taking place in La Crosse, Wisconsin and so at this moment I’m sitting in a hotel on the outskirts of the city, writing this post on free wi-fi. There are some interesting presentations coming up in the next  few days on a number of computer science and Electrical Engineering topics. My own presentation is on my recent research which has been on applying formal grammars and Lindenmayer systems to the study and creation of artistic patterns. My presentation has been put in the same group as presentations to do with programming languages which I’m looking forward to attending. 

The real conference starts from tomorrow (Thursday). I’ll have my laptop with me so I might try my hand at some live blogging. More likely though, I’ll be writing a wrapup every night. For tomorrow there are some interesting robotics presentations which I might my way to if I can get up in time. After that I plan on attending presentations on networks and parallelization. There are two more sessions after that and I’m undecided between attending some more presentations or looking at some posters. I’ll probably end up choosing the latter just so that I have the chance to walk about. Right now I think I’m going to call it a night so that I can stay up for a full day tomorrow.

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