Sunday Selection 2009-03-22

I missed last week’s Sunday Selection due to a number of reasons ( not the least of which was that Spring Break was starting and I really wanted to catch up on my sleep). But it’s Sunday again and time for another installment of Sunday Selection.


Sharpening your saw Computer science is probably a field where things change very quickly and the only way to stay on top of your game is to keep your skills sharp. This article by Jeff Atwood makes some arguments for why you might want to practice your skills and points to some great resources.

Web IDEs to become mainstream As a programmer I take my tools very seriously. I get very frustrated when I’m forced to use tools that aren’t up to scratch. One of the problems I’ve faced in this regard is that I work on multiple machine and need to keep configurations unified across all  of them. A proper web-based IDE could make that a lot easier.


The future of the Java platform Java is one of the most popular software development platforms available today. If you do any sort of work on Java at all, it’s probably in your best interest to keep track of how the platform is developing.


Google Chrome 2 beta In a recent cracking contest, Safari running on OS X was the first browser to fall. On the other hand Google Chrome was the only browser to remain undefeated after a day. That’s even more incentive to check out the new Beta which includes some interesting features like improved speed and zoom features.

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