Sunday Selection 2009-03-08

It’s Sunday again and that means the second installation of my selection of interesting things from around the web. Here goes:


Learn to program in ten years: As someone who intends to make a living working with computers, it’s in my best interest to be the best programmer I can. And besides, I really do like it. This essay from computer scientist Peter Norvig, is a response to the abundance of book that claim to teach you programming in a few hours or days.

Does Java still suck? Ten years ago ace hacker Jamie Zawinski (of Mozilla and XEmacs fame) wrote an article about the problems of Java the language and the platform. In the ten years since then Java has seen a lot of change. This recent discussion on Stack Overflow offers an in-depth looks at those changes. Of course, you’ll have to make up your own mind as to whether or not Java sucks.


The Physics of Watchmen: Watchmen is one of the most anticipated movies to be released recently, especially for comic book buffs. This video gives an idea about the physics behind the movie, in particular some of the characters’ superpowers.


Safari 4 Beta: Safari hasn’t been getting mixed reception lately. There are some who think its interface sucks while others think it rocks. And predictions of its security breaking before that of other browsers isn’t exactly encouraging. But why not just make up your mind for yourself and take a look at the newest beta. Enjoy

2 thoughts on “Sunday Selection 2009-03-08

  1. “Learn to program in ten years” is a great piece. It changed how I see programming significantly when I first read it years ago. And about the “Learn X in Y days”, just try to replace the titles with “Start Learning X in Y days” 🙂

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