Sunday Selection 2009-03-01

There’s a lot of interesting stuff on the internet, including stuff to read, download, watch and install. I find a lot of stuff around the web and I’d like to give others an easy way to get to all the cool stuff that’s out there. I’m starting a new weekly installment where I put up interesting things that I find, including both information and software. Without further ado.


10 Things Every Programmer Should Read: A roundup of some really interesting articles covering the range from software engineering to programming languages. I admit that I haven’t read through the list myself, but I fully intend to in the near future.


The Siftables Demo : Computers have been around for quite some time now, but there’s still tools that require special knowledge to operate and use properly. This video is a bold look at taking computers off our desks (and laps) and making them much more intuitive and fun to use.


Mozilla Prism: The web is becoming an increasingly large portion of the daily computing experience. While running everything running in your browser is fine for some people, the computer is still more than the browser. Prism is a Mozilla labs project that aims to bring the web out of the browser and on to the desktop. It’s available as both a Firefox plugin and a standalone application. It is very much beta, so don’t get rid of your browser just yet.

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