Change of scenery

I’m back from a refreshing vacation in South East India. I didn’t miss the internet and computers as much as I thought I would. The break gave me some time to think about things I want to do in the year to come and I also discovered that I’m interested enough in photography to take it up as a serious hobby. I have some ideas for what I hope will be interesting posts in the days to come. While I’m actually writing there posts, I’m doing a gradual redesign as well. I really wanted to go with a darker theme, but I couldn’t find one on that I really liked (another reason to switch to independent hosting in the future). So I decided to use the Garland theme (which I’ve used before), but with a dark color scheme. I have mixed feelings about this theme. I would have prefered more control over the colors, but I don’t want to pay for custom CSS at the moment.

I used to have the top posts widget in the side, but I’ve decided not to keep it. The posts which get the most search engines aren’t really ones that are representative of what I would like this blog to be. I’m still trying to figure out what would be a good way to present new readers with a list of good posts, but for the time being I’ll stick to just having the recent posts show up. I’ll be using the left sidebar as a more direct channel to the outside world, with my Twitter and feeds being displayed. I’m also working on rewriting the About page and adding a page with links to longer articles. All this is part of my effort to make this more of a well-rounded website representing who I am and what I do, rather than just another blog. As always, comments on the redesign are very welcome.

2 thoughts on “Change of scenery

  1. here are a few suggestions:
    upload a logo/icon onto WordPress that will be used as you custom icon on tabs and urls rather than the ‘W’.

    Most poplar posts could also be the one with maximum no. of comments. can u edit that much on wordpress. i haven’t really tried customizing much on anything but Blogger.

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