Looking ahead: new feed settings

Over the past few months this blog has experienced a significant rise in readership. It’s also been a great way for me to record, think about and gather information about my activities. Keeping that in my mind, I’m certain that I’ll be posting and devoting time to it over the next year. Though I currently pay for the ByteBaker.com domain name, I’m still on free hosting at WordPress.com. I’m planning to move to a paid host sometime early next year. This will give me more freedom in customizing and adding more content to the blog as well as gathering more statistics about what my readers like. 

This blog has been through a number of transformations over the past two years, going from a not-very-regular, not-very-focussed compilation of my occasional thoughts to a source of information that I think an increasing number of people find useful. That being said, through all that time, my RSS feed link has been the same. But the link still has the name of one of The ByteBaker’s predecessors and is something I wish to leave behind. I’m going to move the feed to a new Feedburner feed:


This feed will stay the same even when I move to paid hosting. I’ll be shutting down the older Feedburner feed at the end of the week. WordPress.com also publishes its own feed for the blog, which will get updates while I’m still on WordPress.com but will stop after I move. So I’d encourage everyone to move to the new feed as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope that a continuing stream of free technology-related posts will eventually make up for that. Once again, thanks to all my reader for giving me a reason to keep up my writing.

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