Enter the ByteBaker

I’ve been blogging on and off since 2005, more off than on. As I’ve mentioned before, my spotty record is mostly due to the fact that I’ve never really had anything very compelling to put out on the Internet. But as I continue exploring computer technology and continue my formal studies in the field, I realize that I’m getting exposed to lots of different and interesting ideas and coming up with many of mine. Most of them are probably not very original, though perhaps people still find them interesting. But irrespective of that, I know that a lot of these thoughts and experiences are things that I would like to keep on record and would like to share with other people out there.

With that in mind, I’m going to make a commitment to recording my thoughts and ideas over the next few years as well as keeping a record of my projects and experiments. I’ve registered a domain name and this blog now routes to it. I’m still running off WordPress.com and will be for some time, but I’m going to be posting everything under my new website : The ByteBaker.

Why call it The ByteBaker? Many people have differing opinions on what computer science really is. According to MIT professor Gerald Jay Sussman, computer science is not a science and is really not about computers. Over the last few years I’ve come to agree with him. Computer science in general and programming in particular seems to be to be quite similar to cooking: If you start mixing ingredients at random, you might come up with something that is edible, but it probably won’t taste very good. To make a good dish you need an understanding of your ingredients and utensils as well as a fair amount of improvisation and inspiration. Computer science is similar that you need to understand the concepts and tools that are a part of your trade and to actually produce something novel and interesting you need a healthy dose of imagination and daring. While cooks and bakers use various raw ingredients such fruits, vegetables, spices, meats, etc., for computer scientists all our creations can be described in terms of bits and bytes: hence enter the ByteBaker (also alliteration is kinda cool).

So what does all this mean for you? Probably not a lot at the moment. You might want to upgrade your bookmarks to point to The ByteBaker instead of Xtreme Computers, because in a few months I will be moving to a different hosting solution so that I can have more control over the WordPress installation. If you’re a feed subscribers, you don’t have to do anything at all: I’ll still be publishing at the old feed URL. So just sit back and enjoy the ride!

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