Back to school

A big hello to all my readers. Apologies for being away so long. I’ve moved to the US, where I’ve just started college. I’m still doing orientation, and classes start on Monday. Unfortunately I don’t have a computer of my own, but thankfully there are lots of campus computers (especially in the engineering building where I will be spending most of my time). I’m going to get back to writing articles from next week, probably every alternate day (depending on workload). By the end of the year I would like to move the blog to its own domain and maybe to paid hosting. Right now I have to rush to a chemistry placement test and then to some more orientation activities, but I’ll be back soon with more interesting techie goodness.

One thought on “Back to school

  1. I missed your post, but I’d prefer that you concentrate for on getting yourself adjusted into your new academic environment.

    All the best Basu!

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