Is Google Reader getting ignored ?

Google Reader has been one of the more erratic Google products. When it was first launched, it didn’t garner much attention. But it’s 2.0 release almost a year made quite a few heads turn and it now has quite a large user base. There have been a few improvements after that (like including video and a widget for the Google Personalized Homepage), but only the major development was probably the reporting of the number of users to services like FeedBurner. Even though Reader is now over two-and-a half years old, there is still one major feature that it lacks: search. Almost all the other services have search including much less used services like Notebook. A few hours ago, Google offered an updated user interface including a bar on top for the various Google services. Once again, Reader is one of the services that do not have this update. One would think that Reader’s substantial user base, Reader development would be one of the top priorities, but from the looks of it, Google Reader is getting ignored. With all the invest that Google is making in new services and software, is it too much to ask for a way to search through our feeds?

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