Google Notebook Upgrade

I’m going to be starting college soon and when I do, I’m quite certain that Google Notebook will be one a vital research tool. As a result, I’m quite interested in any updates or changes that happen to the service. Google Notebook recently got a facelift, and I like the changes. It looks sleeker, more streamlined and web 2.0-ish and seems to borrow some elements from the Google Docs UI. The major functionality upgrade comes in the form of basic text formatting tools right at the top of your screen, making it simpler to add quick notes with some simple formatting. You can also alphabettically organize your notebooks and add maps to them. All in all, a good upgrade.

I’ve always considered Google Notebook’s UI to be sleeker with fewer frills than the Clipmarks UI, and this recent upgrade makes me love it all the more. Of course, I’m still waiting for Zoho Notebook to be released, becuase it looks like it will be one hell of a show-stealer. And for all you fellow Google lovers out there, April 1 is just around the corner so keep your feed readers and browsers listening for Google’s customary April Fool’s Day joke.

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