Why I’m sticking with Linux

The Republic of Geektronica has an article about why the author is sticking with Windows XP and won’t be ugrading to Vista. Well, I’m a Linux user and I though my parents use Windows XP, I haven’t used it for the last few months. Anyway, here are my ten reasons for sticking with Linux. They run in parallel to Geektronica’s, so go take a look at those reasons first:

  1. I have far better things to spend $300 on.
  2. All my programs not  only work now, I get free and easy upgrades pretty regularly.
  3. My RAM (512MB) is about 150 MB more than my heaviest usage. I don’t want it to be 150MB less than minimal usage.
  4. Superkaramba and gDesklets can satisfy my desire for shiny things
  5. The next computer I buy will hopefully have Linux preinstalled, so I won’t have to wipe the hard drive clean first.
  6. If I want transparent windows, I’ll use the XFCE compositor
  7. I’ve I wanted more restrictions on my media, I’d put cotton in my ears and wear a blindfold.
  8. My desktop is behind a browser for most of the time (and the browser is better than IE)
  9. I want my operating system to be up-to-date without having to reach for a credit card before hitting the download button.
  10. I like cartoonish blue and green, and earthy orange, and metallic goldish bling and black empty screens (not all at the same time though).

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