Can Blogg-Buzz keep buzzing?

Digg has been getting some negative publicity lately because of the way it’s been cracking down on bloggers and self-promotion. So two bloggers, JohnTP and Shivaranjan have decided to start a Digg-like site for bloggers called Blogg-buzz. Here’s what JohnTP had to say about it:

So what can you do in Blogg-Buzz? A lot…you can submit stories in Blogg-Buzz, comment on stories, spy on who is buzzing, find out the Top Buzzers, add friends and even send Private Messages to other Buzzers! So, it can be real fun once you start using it.

Blogg-Buzz can be useful for those who want to find the best content on the Blogosphere as well as for those who want to get extra traffic to their Blogs. And we will also try to improve Blogg-Buzz and make it something more than just a ‘Digg like site’.

Now that’s all good and fine, I personally think that we’ve been needing something like this for quite some time, but the question is, will it work? Firstly, the site design. Besides the fact that it’s orange (which you might love or hate depending on your personal tastes), the site feels a bit cluttered, rather different from the sleek feel one would expect of a news site. However that’s a minor problem, the real challeenges are elsewhere.

One thing to look at is Blogg-buzz’s target audience: bloggers. Being a system made to be used by blogger means that it has no restrictions on self-promotion. While this is a perfectly good, democratic ideal, it’s going to be hard to keep the site from being uttely swamped by self-promotional posts. Blogg-buzz’s modus operandi means that a lot of people will be submitting their own content, a lot of which will be only average. The site managers will have to work overtime to ensure that good content isn’t buried under tons of not so good content.

To do this, there are two things that are necessary: Firstly, a large user base which has the discretion to buzz the right content. This is something that Blogg-buzz lacks at the moment. Of course, it’s still early days and in a few months time, they could get a larger audience. But that’s not enough. Digg doesn’t work just because they have lot’s of users, it works because they have a good algorithm that handles the large amount of traffic that passes through their servers day in day out. Does Blogg-buzz have this? Only partially. Blogg-buzz apparently uses a content management system called Pligg that was heavily influenced by Digg and implements similar features. Now using openly available software and tools is ok by me, but judging by some of the comments on JohnTP’s post, a number of people involved with Pligg are unhappy that Blogg-buzz is not giving due credit to Pligg. That aside, the fact that Blogg-buzz runs off an easily available system means that it might not be long until someone launches a Blogg-buzz clone. And if that someone has corporate backing and manages a revew on Techcrunch by virtue of that corporate backing, Blogg-buzz might not be buzzing for much longer.

The verdict : It’s a really good idea, but the guys behind it still have a lot to do before it becomes a Digg-killer.

7 thoughts on “Can Blogg-Buzz keep buzzing?

  1. I agree with your points.There is a lot of work still there.We are trying to create blog culture over here but it depends one the bloggers also, to maintain a good harmony and bring good posts.

    Another thing is the algorithm, we are working on that so it can be improved.Thx for bringing all this to notice


  2. Digg is user driven so whatever is dugg up is done so because people have an interest in it.

    If Blogg-Buzz turns into self promotion then it will be pure Digg blog spam.

    I don’t mind reading blog posts, but I do mind visiting a blog that simply redirects me elsewhere for the meat of the information.

  3. I agree with you but it also depends on how civilized the bloggers are that will be joining and promoting their stories .

    If there will be only people who abuse everything they find, then i guess BB will have a hard time.

    What BB needs right now, is people who really care to make that place a good place for bloggers and not just a place to get few hits.

  4. the very fact that BB insist that users hafta post only BLOG POSTS, where some article or tutorials are featured on a non blogging platforms seems to bother BB.

    it just doesn’t make sense to hafta to write a blog post that redirect it to the article, just like Ahmed says, it can get irritating enough to click and click 😉

    anyway let’s BB will improve 😉

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