Let the Mulitboot Marathon begin

When I got my own computer some months ago, I had intended to turn it into a Massively Multi-Booting Machine. Unfortunately that dream was derailed as the hard disk was rather badly damaged. But I’ve finally managed to get a new disk installed and have successfully turned it into a Multibooting Machine, (though not quite massive yet). My current list of operating systems are:

  1. Ubuntu
  2. PCLinuxOS
  3. Dream
  4. Arch

That’s the order I installed them in, but at the moment I’ve been using Arch exclusively for the past week. I had planned to install Symphony OS and Minix3 and was looking at the BSD’s, but my CD drive appears to have bitten the dust. But while I wait to get that replaced, I’m going to enthrall you all with my tales of how to go about creating your own Multi-booting machine. This one is going to be a long-ish series with quite a bit of detail (and maybe a bunch of screenshots) so make sure you have all your turkey and pudding out of the way. So check back tomorrow.

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