My favourite pet: Python

Now that the Firefox series is over, it’s time to move on to other
things. One of the many questions that new programmers have is: Which language do i start with? I suggest Python.

Python is a programming language, or more correctly, a scripting
language. It’s interpreted, not compiled. That means that once you’ve
finished writing your program, you can run it straight away, without
having to compile it and sort out errors first. If there are errors,
then they’ll come out when you run the program. But the best part is
that if there are syntax errors, then they’ll come out while you’re
writing the program itself. How? Python is interactive, it scans your
program while you type and makes you fix syntax then and there. No more
searching through your program trying to decode weird error messages.
It is also a very high level language. That means that you don’t have
to worry about things like the size of arrays, since Python takes care
of all that for you. You just worry about writing a good program. After
C++, this is very welcome. Tomorrow I’ll give you an extended comparison of Python with other languages and explain why it’s perfect as a starting language.

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3 thoughts on “My favourite pet: Python

  1. I started with basics of Pascal in primary school, Then in highschool I haven’t been programming at all and have forgotten almost all of Pascal. About a year ago I decided to start learning C++ and Trolltech Qt so that I could one day start helping with KDE project. And this is still what I’m slowly getting into. BTW, about Python, there is an interesting interview with the creator of the language in the Episode 11 of FLOSS Weekly podcast.

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