Extend Firefox into a Superfox: Part 4

Here we finally are, the last part of the series. This final post will just talk about some common extensions that you probably will find useful.
First off is AdBlock. If you don’t have this extension, get it. Now. It does just what the name says: it blocks ads. Simple and intuitive to use and completely effective.
One of Firefox’s most basic tools is tabs. They’re good enough on their own, but the Tab Mix Plus extension, makes them just that much better and easier to use. There is also another extension called Tabbrowser Preferences. Both of them do mostly the same thing, use whichever one suits you best.
Finally for those of you who equate performance and quality with speed, grab FasterFox, a simple tool designed to make your Fox sleeker and quicker.
Of course there are hundreds more extensions than the few mentioned here. So head over to the Extensions page and indulge!.

One thought on “Extend Firefox into a Superfox: Part 4

  1. I already had Tab Mix Plus… the restore session thing rocks.

    Get the other extensions that I’ve got:

    GSpace – Does what Gmail Drive failed to do.

    Shazou – Opens a map window and shows you the server … amazingly handy.

    Mouse Gestures – Hold down the mouse button of your choice and perform actions without using the keyboard or clicking a button… great for hiding what you’re doing very quickly.

    PDF Download – Removes the RAM-hog aspect of Firefox when it tries to load a PDF file… this handy tool allows you a choice to view as HTML.

    These things rock, and they don’t have too significant an impact on preformance either…

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